Complimentary Design for Churches

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With many years of working on websites, I have learned the value it has offered it’s clients. I named the company Smooth Passion Consulting to help others have their passions go smoother. From, Tom S.

Websites are an important for others to view about your church. The complimentary website design progam is exactly that. Think of it as our way of showing appreication to churches.

What we do

We handle a variety of areas ranging from SEO, design of a website, building the actual website, marketing, advertising, copywriting, video design, email configuration, and technical fixing for websites.

Because we are complimentary for this service, we simply ask that you complete the form, and then we help with you designs.


We created this webpage and advertising for this page, because we feel that the good things that many churches do deserves complimentary website design and other related services.