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What Smooth Passion is doing

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Automation for all

From side hustlers to enterprise leaders, Monly connects your work apps so you get more focus and less frustration.



From side hustlers to enterprise leaders, Monly connects your work apps so you get more focus and less frustration.


Business owner

From side hustlers to enterprise leaders, Monly connects your work apps so you get more focus and less frustration.

What led us to do this?

We saw the amazing potential of freelancers, and small businesses denied due to a lack of opportunities sparked us into action! We wanted to create an avenue for these talented individuals to showcase their abilities, giving them the proper recognition they deserve.

Too much bloat on freelancing platforms

We realized that there is a lot of crowd on different freelancing platforms, and as a result, the clients were not reaching great agencies and Independent freelancers.

We built a machines to sell customers

Our system bridges the gap between businesses looking for quality website services and talented freelancers and agencies ready to provide these services.

We got a lot of customers

Our success was swift and outstanding; we found ourselves with more clients than our capacity allowed, yet still managed to deliver superior websites.

Hiring more people was not solving the issue

Our team was growing, yet demand for our websites exceeded the rate of production we could keep up with.

Selling the clients is a great alternative

Selling our clients to qualified people is an excellent fix as it will take the load off our shoulders and provide you the opportunity to shine and provide services to clients that we may not have previously been able to offer.

Don't waste your money

Now you don’t have to waste your money on advertisements or freelance platforms to get new clients. Get all your client directly from us!

How does this work for website design companies?

Note: We are also website design and building company. We have many customers that we wanted so we bid on many jobs. We thought there should be better companies to get quality customers. We sell customers that are already sold.

Spotting the right candidate

Ultimately, the decision to reach out and contact you was an easy one. We saw that your qualifications as website designer or web developer could unlock a world of potential for us – and here we are! 

Getting you onboard

We want to ensure you feel comfortable with the services we provide and make sure any questions or concerns are addressed before signing up. 

Testing your skills

Our commitment is to provide the best possible experience for our clients. To ensure that you and your potential client get the best out of a successful partnership, we invite you to take just minutes to complete an application form.

Filtering the applications

We only partner with the best of freelance and agency teams, guaranteeing extraordinary services for our customers.

Providing paper work for selected people

Approved applicants will receive an email confirming their acceptance – simply sign off on the paperwork provided therein and start taking on clients right away!

Pricing that fits your needs
We have prices that are quality prices which will save you a lot of money and
will provide you a great client.
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